A New Way to Santa Fe

IMG_20130417_204916_120The Santa Fe salad is a god among greens. If you’ve ever eaten one that was done right, you know the taste. Savory beans, salty cheese, tangy lime, it’s one hell of a combo. If you’re not a big fan of salad, then you are missing out on a truly epic taste. Whatever your case, here’s an option to broaden your taste bud horizon: Santa Fe nachos!

Santa Fe nachos combine two great things: the epic taste of Santa Fe plus the satisfying (and man-friendly) crunch of nachos. The result is a paradox that would make Einstein’s stomach rumble. This dish does the unthinkable and makes the nacho crunch even more satisfying with a blast of lime!

There is probably a dozen different ways to make this dish. You could just subtract the lettuce and tortilla strips from a Santa Fe salad and toss the results on a bed of chips. But, if you’re a college student, you will probably want something much faster and cheaper than that.

Here’s how you do it…

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Bloody Mary & Company

Social Currency

imgres-3 (2)Among we bartenders, servers and cooks, tips are the social currency that bonds our team together and confirms that we are all in this together and we understand how taxing a food service job can be.

One shift I came upon this idea to test a certain someone who comes into my bar every now and then and  he orders the same drink every time. For the sake of his anonymity, we’ll just call him Frank and say his drink is a Bloody Mary. Continue reading